New Zealand Agents for ICP Light Sport Aircraft

A Solid and Reliable Partner ICP Savannah S

Round Is…Cool!!!

Sporty handling and super STOL performance
allows you to reach any destination.
The Savanna S represents the latest


Customise For You

The instrument panel, wider and
roomier, can contain the latest
technological innovations.
It also means more leg room.


Invest In A Savannah S

Comfortable and Fun

Junkers Flaperons fitted to make the Savannah S a comfortable, safe and fun plane to fly.

Up to Date

Spacious instrument panel allows you to keep up with the latest technology.

Ideal for Farming

Can take off and land into most farm paddocks and on a variety of unprepared surfaces.

Plenty Of Space

The wider cockpit dimensions are able to comfortably accommodate the taller pilots.

The Perfect Partner For Your Farming Applications