Aircraft For Sale

  • Operating Range 7.5 hours (+30mins res)
  • Can carry up to 20KG Luggage
  • Superior handling & Super STOL performance
  • Vortex Generators in the wings
  • Awarded the SAANZ prize in 2017 for the best kit built aircraft.

ICP Savannah S

The sporty controls of the Savannah S, superior handling and super STOL performance allows you to fly to any destination.


ICP Ventura

What you feel flying the Ventura, is a superior level of comfort, quality and efficiency ideal for touring, training and recreational flights.


  • Operating Range 3.5 h + 30min Reserve
  • Can carry 70KG + 20KG 
  • Superior level of comfort
  • Ideal for Touring, Training & Recreational flights
  • Capable of optimum performance in any situation

  • Rotax 912 ULS Engine
  • DUC Swirl 3 Bladed propeller with spinner D260
  • Long Range Tanks
  • Aircraft fully internally primed
  • Upholstery in cabin and luggage area

New Savannah

Factory built and test flown. TT 1.9 hours. Re assembled and available for new owner registration. Features a Rotax 912 ULS2-01 engine, 3 blade ground adjusted DUC Helcies Swirl propeller, Garmin G5, Trig Dual Channel VHF and Transponder, ELB fixed, LR tanks, extended baggage locker, dual rudders and brakes, park brake, every part pre primed and finally finished in a neutral cream for your desired decals.